Environmental and Coastal Consulting

In 2016, TECTONE GROUP acquired the ERAMM firm which was founded in 1989 by Pierre Farnole, Doctor in Oceanology, who has led management since then..
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Digital Terrain Model:
AUTOCAD/COVADIS: cubature calculations, 3d views
hydrodynamic model
Hydrodynamic model

Technical Assistance to Project Management for Development and Upgrading of the Waterfront

at Saint Denis de La Réunion: “Maritime Component”:

– Assistance with production of Design Construction tender documents and with selection of contractors
– Writing specifications :
– Bathymetry, geotechnics, wave tank tests
– Monitoring of 3D model tests at Sogreah (Grenoble)


Urbanization of the Monaco waterfront - impact of the project on the environment:

Marine Environment Component

Offshore urbanization project over 25 ha in coastal area at great depth: Cost € 10 Billion
– Conducting biocenotic survey
– Survey of sediment and sediment quality
– Conducting study of environment and impact on the marine environment: definition of protective and compensatory measures :
– Setting up artificial reefs
– Bubble screen to form a screen in the construction phase and to preserve water quality



YearCustomer / LocationServices
In progressCity of BarcarèsTechnical assistance to public entity in the context of a public works concession grant
Assistance mission for approval of technical studies for construction of the New Port of LAAYOUNE
2014Grand Seaport of Dunkirk2014-2018 Strategic project: Environmental assessment
lot 1: oceanographic expertise
2013City of
Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
Prime contractor for extension of the Port la Vie marina at Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
2012Municipality of Noirmoutier-en-l’IlePrime contractor for the work of reconstruction of the Bois de la Chaize boom
2012Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Town HallProject management for repair of the Passable Beach dock
Bastia Chamber of Commerce - ILE ROUSSEAssistance to Project Management for performance of administrative procedures required for execution of maritime works as part of the Ile Rousse commercial port development plan:
- Marine environment studies
- Geotechnical survey
- 3d bathymetric survey
Nice Commercial Court/City of Cannes/SOGREAHProtection of La Croisette beaches - Work to set up an underwater geotextile breakwater:
- Wave study
- Geotubes position survey
- In-situ measurement analysis report
- Stability study of geotextile rolls
- Example of application of geotubes in the Mediterranean
2011General Council of VendéePrime contractor mission for reconstruction of the La Tranche sur mer pier - study of hydrodynamic forces on the structure
Kingdom of MOROCCO
Ports and Maritime Public Domain Directorate
Mission of assessment of the study for extension of the Port of Tarfaya:
- Assistance with monitoring of agitation model studies
- Assistance with monitoring of current model studies
- Assistance with monitoring of sedimentology model studies
Association of Pampelonne Beach Operators (AEPP-Var.) Pampelonne Beach Layout Plan: Assistance on the hydraulic and sedimentological aspects in relation to the risk of erosion and marine submersion
2010MERCERON Group
La Louippe Jobsite
Sea defense work between the Port des Champs and the Port de la Louippe:
Assessment on work in progress
2010Town hall of
Prime contractor mission for construction of a protection structure for the Passable Beach and proposals for development of access to the beach:
- Water Law file, Impact study, Tender document package
2012ASP Port Grimaud I
ASL Port Grimaud II
Dragage de la passe d’accès à Port Grimaud 1 et de l’embouchure de la Giscle :
- Dossier de déclaration au titre de la loi sur l’eau
- Dossier Natura 2000
2011ASL Port Grimaud II
ASL of the neighbors along the Giscle and the Gisclette
Emergency and regulatory files for dredging the Giscle
Construction of an SNCF retaining wall at Eze:
- Wave and predimensioning study
2012Mixed Syndicate of Les Marais des OlonnesHydrosedimentary study with 2D modeling - Gachère Dam:
- Phase 1: Site condition report
- Phase 2: Additional on-site measurements (bathy, current and sediment)
- Phase 3: 2D hydrosedimentary modeling
- Phase 4: Preliminary draft for rehabilitation of the dam and combating the risk of marine submersion
2012General Council of VendéePrime contractor mission for reconstruction of the La Tranche sur mer pier - study of hydrodynamic forces
Coastal conservation (Bastia)Preliminary study of the hydraulic structure on the Urbino Pond: redevelopment of the Grau
- Phase 1: diagnosis (surveys of bathymetry, sediment, fauna and flora, currents… Modeling of the wave currents and sediment transport)
- Phase 2: protection and redevelopment scenarios for Grau: 2D hydrosedimentary modeling study
2011General Council of VendéePrime contractor mission for reconstruction of the La Tranche sur mer pier - study of hydrodynamic forces on the structure
2010Town hall of
Prime contractor mission for construction of a protection structure for the Passable Beach and proposals for development of access to the beach:
- Water Law file
- Impact study
- Tender document package
2014Mixed Syndicate of Ports of ToulonProject of construction of a cruise pier: Lot 2 currents and turbulence
2013Insulaire Engineering OfficeStudy of turbulence on the site of the organized anchorage project at Cala d’Oro
2013STARESOImpact study mission, hydrosedimentary impact at the Port of Ile Rousse:
- Addendum N°1 to the impact study, Impact on the hydrosedimentary component
2012Municipality of ProprianoCalculation and modeling of wave stresses prior to predimensioning of the SERRA breakwater on the port of the Municipality of Propriano
2012Cala di Purcili Nautical AssociationWave study for organized moorings on 2 sites
2012Municipality of Serra di FerroGulf of Porto Pollo: Reorganization of organized moorings - Declaration file under the Water Law
2012Municipality of Serra di FerroRestructuring of the Porto Pollo marina: further study of turbulence and crossing study
2012Municipality of BrandoPort of Erbalunga - Wave propagation model: predimensioning
2012Municipality of LuriPort of Santa Severa - Wave propagation model: predimensioning
2012Municipality of ThéouleDiagnosis of the dike off the Port of Figueirette: wave propagation study and predimensioning of the breakwater
General Council of Alpes MaritimesDepartmental port of Villefranche-Santé:
Maintenance dredging of the harbor basin
2011Town hall of CamaretStudies required for protection of the water body of the Port of Camaret-sur-mer
2011Brittany RegionExpert assessment of the hydro sedimentary behavior of the Rohu site
2011Nice French Riviera
Cros de Cagnes
Diagnostic study of the environmental situation of the Port of Cros-de-Cagnes
2010Luxmarina- SIFA
Conducting impact studies and establishment of the public inquiry and “Water Law” impact file for execution of the Port Argens project
2010Port of La RagueBerth 15 moorings – maneuverability study
2010Municipality of Port Saint Louis du RhôneDiagnostic study of the environmental quality of the public Port of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône
2010Municipality of Serra di FerroÉtude d’impact et dossier d’instruction pour les modifications des infrastructures du Port Jean-Baptiste TOMI
Kingdom of Morocco
Ports and Maritime Public Domain Directorate
Hydrodynamic study of the Sebou Wadi - Sector: mouth of the Wadi - Oulad Berjal Bridge
2013Kingdom of Morocco
Ministry of Equipment and Transportation
Feasibility study of a fishing shelter at Aftissat Province of Boujdour
2013Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Port of Corisco
Study of a geotube breakwater
2013Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Port of Cabo San-Juan
Study of wave propagation and turbulence in the port basin
2013National Ports Agency (Morocco)Impact study of opening and closing of gates located below the foundation of the main breakwater of the Port of Essaouira
2013Kingdom of Morocco
National Ports Agency
Updating of the study of extending the docks of pier n°1 of the Port of Nador: turbulence study on mathematical model
2012Kingdom of Morocco
Ports and Maritime Public Domain Directorate
Sedimentological study for protection of the Bay of Agadir
- Mission I: Collection of natural data of the site
- Mission II: Study of sedimentary behavior of Agadir Beach
- Mission III: Study of reloading the beach
- Mission IV: Study of another flexible solution to the problem of erosion
2012Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Project of the Bata military port
Turbulence study: predimensioning of the breakwater and pierhead
2011-12Kingdom of MOROCCO
SAPT - Tangier
Sedimentological study for protection of the Bay of Tangier:
- Mission 1: collection of natural data of the site
- Mission 2: assessment of littoral transit and its impact on the Bay of Tangier: mathematical model
- Mission3: Definition and dimensioning of beach protection structures


ERAMM undertakes studies, expert assessments (as a consultant) and technical assistance to the project manager primarily in the context of port development and coastal protection projects:

- design and dimensioning of maritime and port structures

- hydraulics and sedimentology

- coastal sanitation (discharges at sea) and in ports (environmental diagnostics)

- dredging

- artificial reefs


In these studies, ERAMM still leads with a dual approach that is based on field measurements and observations and on implementation of powerful digital tools developed by CETMEF for applications studying waves, current and transport of sediments. ERAMM has these models:

- REFONDE (turbulence)

- REFLUX (2D currents)

- REFLUX SEDIM (sedimentology) 



  • Port development: preliminary studies, Technical AMO
  • Environmental and ecological diagnosis of Ports
  • Impact studies and Water Law files
  • DPM concession applications outside ports
  • Coastal defense - Hydrosedimentary studies (Digital model and on-site expertise)
  • Coastal - estuary - offshore oceanography
  • Artificial reefs
  • Coastal sanitation
  • Dredging studies


  • Prime Contractor Technical Assistance
  • Expertise on erosion phenomena - global warming
  • Support for institutional decision making
  • Coordination and oversight of studies
  • Search for integrated development solutions



  • topo-bathymetry
  • waves, current
  • sedimentary transport
  • dispersion of an effluent


  • 1 GPS
  • 1 Multibeam echo sounder
  • 1 Water sampling bottle
  • 1 Hand coring tool
  • 1 Sediment sampling bottom grabber (Ekman)
  • 1 Sediment sampling cone (Berthois)
  • 3 “Drogue” floats
  • Anemometer
  • Topofil
  • Bearing compass
  • 2 VHF
  • Diving equipment
  • GOPRO Camera


  • 4 P.C. (2000- 3000 MHz –80 Go)
  • 1 Laptop PC
  • 1 HP 120nr color plotter (A4 to A1)
  • 1 Printer - scanner laser color A4 -A3 MP C2800