Who We Are

Since it was created in 1989, TECTONE, an engineering firm specializing in infrastructure execution studies, has been able to create a true durable relationship of trust with its partners, both contractors and customers.
Excellence is always the watchword of TECTONE GROUP teams.
The technical base of the design office means that technical analyses and advice are always the most effective.
Upon request from its clients and partners, TECTONE has supplemented its range of services to provide technical and financial oversight of large-scale projects.
Thus TECTONE contributed to the execution studies and complete oversight of major infrastructure projects in Morocco as well as abroad such as in Equatorial Guinea and Senegal, and so TECTONE GROUP was formed.
With its experience, and its partnerships with large contractor or engineering groups, TECTONE GROUP has persuaded customers and investors of the utility of setting up turnkey projects making it possible to identify:

  • infrastructure needs
  • overall project design and their integration
  • techniques to be put in place
  • specific engineering partners to take on
  • partner contractors that are able to carry out the work
  • financial partners to meet budgets

Bringing all these skills together lets tailored projects come to completion, technically and financially under control, and to fully satisfy the customer.
Setting up infrastructure projects concerns all fields such as ports, airports, roads, hydraulics, electricity…


TECTONE GROUP co-managers.
Thomas MAHLER                                                               Marc PALOUMET – BOURDA